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Yellow nails? Follow this simple tip!

Yellow nails? Follow this simple tip!
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Planning a night out? When you’re glamming up, of course you want to make every part of you beautiful, while maintaining a natural look. So steer clear of the nail varnish! But between overusing nail polish, pollution, and the fast pace of everyday life, we may not have even had time to spot that our nails have become all yellow! Aarghh! But don’t panic. Follow this simple technique and you can flash your hands around with confidence! 

What do you need?

  • A lemon (yes that’s all!)

What to do?

You simply have to scrub your nails every second day in lemon juice, or scrub them directly with a lemon. Within a few days, you’ll have beautiful nails which are restored to their natural colour!

Bonus tip: lemon juice also works as a nail polish remover -say goodbye to chemicals!

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