Wheat germ oil: 6 great benefits for your hair

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Wheat germ oil: 6 great benefits for your hair
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Have you heard about wheat germ oil? This vegetable based product is produced from the embryo found inside a grain of wheat.  With numerous benefits, this oil nourishes your hair without leaving your hair feeling oily. It also keeps your hair healthy and beautiful.  Here are 6 benefits of wheat germ oil which are sure to appeal to you.

1/ Works as a natural conditioner

The healthy fats in the oil give your hair a natural shine and it’s great for getting rid of knots. Wheat germ oil is also an environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative to conditioner.

2/ Keeps your scalp healthy

The vitamin E, fatty acids and protein in the oil regulate the natural pH of your scalp and help get rid of dead skin cells. The oil also helps to oxygenate the cells and provides your hair with healthy nutrients. This oil also gets rid of dandruff, germs and fungal infections.

3/ Combats dry hair

Wheat germ oil contains a number of healthy fats including linoleic and palmitic acid. These acids are easily absorbed by the scalp which helps to hydrate dry skin. At the same time the vitamins A, D and E found in the oil help to re-hydrate your hair.

4/ Helps to reduce split ends

Although the oil can’t make split ends disappear, wheat germ oil does help to hydrate your hair and smooths its appearance. Vitamin B, E and linoleic acid help to strengthen capillary fibers reducing the number of split ends.

5/ Keeps your hair healthy

When applied to the roots of your hair, wheat germ oil can help regulate hair growth as well as reduce the number of hairs falling out.  This is thanks to vitamin B and the secreted proteins in the oil which strengthen the capillary fibers of your hair. What’s more the vitamin E contained in the oil helps keep your hair healthy, voluminous and shiny.

6/ Manage the frizz!

Wheat germ oil reduces frizzy hair by hydrating the capillaries and protecting the capillary fibers, making sure they don’t come out of place when the are exposed to the wind.

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