Weight loss foods: 5 essentials to remember on a diet

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Weight loss foods: 5 essentials to remember on a diet
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So you’ve decided to go on a diet. You are aware that there are certain specific foods you should be eating, and that some foods in particular should be included in any effective diet to help with slimming, and to keep the weight off after you lose it. Here are 5 foods not to forget about! 

1/ Beans

Weight loss foods beans
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Beans reduce the storage of fats and sugars in the body. Their high antioxidant content means they can effectively help the body eliminate toxins. They are also a great hunger buster.

2/ Bananas

weight loss foods banana
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Bananas are a great snack food. It is better to eat bananas that are not very ripe, so that their glycemic index remains low. They are rich in magnesium, manganese and potassium, which means they promote digestive transit and provide a feeling of fullness.

3/ Avocado

weight loss foods avocado

Avocados also have a low glycemic index, and they help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) due to the good fats and vitamins E and K that they contain. Avocado is also a great replacement for butter or milk when making cakes or ice creams.

4/ Nuts

Weight loss foods nuts
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Nuts are a great dieting solution, as they look after the heart, thanks to the good fats, omega 3, antioxidants and fibre they contain. Consuming nuts reduces snacking urges, which is what makes them a great diet food. However, they should be eaten in small quantities, for example, by sprinkling them on salads or cereal.

5/ Chickpeas

weight loss foods chickpeas
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Chickpeas are high in fibre, and therefore have a very low glycemic index. Furthermore, they are a great source of protein.

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