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Vitamin D: 12 foods to get your fill of this essential nutrient

Vitamin D: 12 foods to get your fill of this essential nutrient
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We often hear a lot about the importance of vitamin D in the development process for babies and young children.  Vitamin D encourages calcium absorption and helps to fix it in their bones.  However much of the British population lack this essential vitamin which could be linked to the growth of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular illnesses.  This vitamin is also excellent for our heart and our immunity system.  However what foods contain vitamin D?  Here are 12 of the best foods you should try!

Before we start, remember that nothing beats the sun!

Vitamin D is the vitamin that is given by exposure to the sun.  This exposure allows us to obtain 80 – 90% intake necessary for the body which means that only 10% comes form food.  Step outside into the sun with an appropriate protection of course as this is the best way to get your daily dose.  However in Britain, known as the country of rain… the sun can sometimes be a rare occurrence.  What is more if you are ill or elderly you can struggle to get outside due to limited mobility.  In any case, give your body an extra boost and try out the foods in the list below for your dose of vitamin D.


1) Cod liver oil

Credits : Pixabay/frolicsomepl

Cod liver oil is not known for its amazing flavour however this is one of the richest foods in vitamin D.  It is easy to take as all you need is a simple tablespoon every day. One tablespoon of cod liver oil contains about 2.4 grams of combined EPA and DHA, which are the two omega-3s found in the oil.

2) Cod liver

Whether you’d like it as it is or in a conserve, a 10 g portion of cod liver will make up your daily needs. It really is a mine of essential nutrients.

3) Herring

Smoked herring (22 mg for 100 g) has more vitamin D than grilled herring (16.1 mg for 100 g).  However both will give you a very respectable dose a this essential vitamin.  Around a 50 g portion of smoked herring per day will be enough to make up an adults daily needs. .

4) Mackerel

Credits: PxHere

Many fish are an excellent source of vitamin D including mackerel.  A 100 g portion of mackerel will give you twice your daily needs of this essential vitamin.  Remember that fried mackerel contains more vitamin D than smoked mackerel.

5) Sardines

Whether you prefer sardines cooked or tinned, only 100 g will make up your recommended daily intake of vitamin D.

6) Anchovies

Eating only 100 g of anchovies will give you the recommended daily needs for an adult.  It’s simple!