Using old milk cartons, she makes an amazing irrigation system for her plants

Using old milk cartons, she makes an amazing irrigation system for her plants
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Gardening is not just the preserve of those with a huge space outside their home, and more and more people are making the most of their patios, balconies or small yards. But just because the space is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t use great methods to make it work well for you! Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity to have what we want! This is exactly what this woman did, by creating a clever irrigation system that allowed her to perfectly water her plants, especially focusing on the roots (the area that needs it most). Here is her technique: 

What you need:

  • A large bucket or bin (such as you might use as a recycling bin) pierced in several areas to make drainage holes, in case of excess water or rain
  • 4 plastic milk bottles (1 or 2 litre bottles)
  • 1 large bottle of water
  • A marker and a cutter


1) With a cutter, she makes holes on side of each of the milk bottles. This will be the part closest to the roots of the plants.

Credits: ikewulf

2) On one of the sides of each bottle, she makes a larger hole (large enough to insert the neck of another milk bottle, but not too large either).

Credits: ikewulf

3) On the opposite side from the side with the smaller holes, she makes a slit so that the water that accumulates in the base can get in.

Credits: ikewulf

4) It’s time to assemble everything. The necks of the bottles are inserted into the large holes.

Credits: ikewulf

5) One of the milk bottles will serve as the point of entry for the water. Therefore you need to create a hole that is big enough for the neck of the water bottle.

Credits: ikewulf

Once assembled, the system should look something like this:

Credits: ikewulf

All that’s left to do is put everything in place!

1) She puts some soil at the base of the bin/bucket.

Credits: ikewulf

2) Next she adds her irrigation system.

Credits : ikewulf

3) All that is left is to cover it with soil and sow the seeds.

Credits: ikewulf

The final result:

Credits: ikewulf