Urinary tract infections: 7 natural remedies to fight it

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Urinary tract infections: 7 natural remedies to fight it
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Urinary tract infections can cause a lot of problems.   Although, many medical treatments exist which can get rid of infections, there are also more natural methods which have the same curing effects. However it is important to realise that these methods should not to be used for serious infections. If this is the case you must contact a specialist.  Read on to find more about 7 natural remedies to cure minor urinary infections. 

1/ Asparagus

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As a great diuretic, asparagus is known for being effective in curing urinary infection symptoms.  You should eat a normal amount of this vegetable to start seeing results.

2/ Bicarbonate soda

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Many doctors recommend bicarbonate soda to help cure a urinary infection. First of all, you should drink two glasses of still water and then measure 130 ml of water and pour into a glass adding 1 g of bicarbonate soda.  Now drink the mixture.

3/ Coconut oil

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Thanks to its antibacterial characteristics, coconut oil can effectively cure urinary tract infections.  It can even get rid of E. coli which is resistant to antibiotics. E. coli is a common bacteria found in our intestines which can become a pathogen with urinary infections. So as to fight against this illness take two tables spoons of coconut oil a day.

4/ Olive leaves and turmeric

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A mixture of turmeric with olive leaf extract (Oleuropein) will help to naturally cure minor urinary tract infections. You will need 180 g of Oleuropein and 5 g of powered turmeric for an adult and 40 g of Oleuropein and 2 g of powdered turmeric for a child.

5/ Watermelon

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Watermelon is an effective remedy against urinary tract infections.  It is also very good for your kidneys.  If you eat watermelon regularly it will cure the symptoms of urinary infections.

6/ Cranberry juice

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If you drink cranberry juice, it will prevent bacteria sticking to the urinary tract walls and, as a result, make it easier to go to the toilet.  You just have drink a glass of cranberry juice.  Nothing could be simpler.

7/ Apple cider vinegar

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This cider vinegar is also used to treat urinary tract infections.  You will need 200 ml of water and 20 ml of apple cider vinegar to make this remedy.  First dilute the vinegar in the water and then drink the mixture throughout the day.

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