Unmissable remedy for swollen feet

Unmissable remedy for swollen feet
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Swollen feet are a sign that your body is accumulating liquids, and can be an indicator of kidney problems or circulation problems. This common ailment affects a huge number of people, especially older people, people who are overweight and pregnant women. For some people, this swelling does no harm and is merely the result of a very long walk or having spent too long on their feet, but for other people for whom it is a recurrent problem, this swelling is accompanied with tingling, numbness or even pain. 

If treated quickly, the problem will not get worse and it is good to know that it is easily solved with natural remedies that can provide rapid relief. Today’s remedy stimulates renal function to eliminate water retention, improve blood circulation and reduce tension. This simple parsley infusion can reduce inflammation in the feet and ankles and even help with chronic fatigue. If parsley is excellent in food and smoothies, it is at its most powerful in infusion form. If you have known renal problems such as kidney stones, it is better to consult a doctor.

What you need

  • 3 branches of whole parsley (including the root)
  • 500 mls of water


1) Start by disinfecting the parsley with water and vinegar in a container.
2) Gather the parsley and branches and blend it to make a puree.
3) Boil the water and once it is boiling, add the parsley.
4) Leave it to stand overnight. The next day, strain it.
5) Drink the remedy in two or three doses throughout the day. The first should be taken on an empty stomach. We would advise that you repeat this remedy for two consecutive days and stop for three days before starting again.

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Combine this remedy with leg exercises and plenty of water. Remember to raise your legs at the end of the day to improve blood circulation in the body (rather than letting blood accumulate in the lower part of the body).