Try this natural method for stripping wood

Try this natural method for stripping wood
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Today we have a technique that goes back to basics with the old reliable that we all have in our presses: our old friend, bicarbonate of soda. We are never tired of telling you how many marvelous things it can be used for. It takes care of our health, our hygiene and our homes. And this time, it continues to amaze, with its ability to strip wood. In fact, it is abrasive, but not in an aggressive way, which is what makes it the perfect product for this use. Here is how to use it to strip wood, especially for removing old paint. 

What you need:

  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • White vinegar
  • A brush for stripping the paint


1) Start by sprinkling the surface with bicarbonate of soda, moistening it a little to make it less abrasive.

2) Add some white vinegar to make it even more effective.

3) Leave it to work for around ten minutes.

4) Now you can scrub the surface with a special paint stripping brush.

You will end up with lovely smooth wood. No need to worry about scratches, fragile surfaces or odours with this effective technique.