Irritated scalp: 3 treatment tips using olive oil

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Irritated scalp: 3 treatment tips using olive oil
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Have you spent all day itching your head or have you resisted as you know that once you start to scratch it’ll just become even worse? An irritated scalp is a really annoying feeling that is difficult to ignore. 

If it doesn’t seem serious and you do not notice any bleeding, you can try some handy tips to relieve an itchy scalp.  Olive oil is one of the best places to start we you want the relieve an itchy head.  This oil has exceptional properties which can keep your hair healthy and beautiful while also calming an irritated scalp.

1) Try an olive oil massage

Heat up some olive oil for a few seconds and leave to cool.  Massage the olive oil into your scalp.  Next cover your hair with a plastic cap for 30 minutes or an entire night.  Rinse out the oil by washing your hair as normal.  You could carry out this olive oil massage once per week.

2) Wash your hair using an olive oil and a soft shampoo mix

Make a mixture of baby shampoo and olive oil.  Apply onto your hair massaging your scalp well and leaving it for a few minutes before carefully rinsing.

3) Try an olive oil mask

Add a few drops of coconut oil to some olive oil.  Apply the mixture to your scalp in particular,  but also applying a little on your hair.  Leave for a few hours or even the entire night before rising with plenty of warm water.

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