All our top tips for combating cats’ hairballs

All our top tips for combating cats’ hairballs
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We love our precious moggies, but when they cough up a ball of hair that seems as if it came straight out of the Wild West, we can’t help but worry, and to feel their pain from a digestion point of view. In fact, by licking themselves all day long, they swallow the hairs which stay in their stomachs. To help them out, here are a few practical tips that will make all the difference. 

1) Catnip

Credits: 3dman_eu / Pixabay

You can grow it or buy it. It is a classic method for promoting purging or provoking vomiting. The cat will get rid of all the hairs they have eaten.

2) Feed them fibre

Fibre will have two positive effects on your cat. It will help reduce the buildup of hairs in the stomach, and also the hairs will be more easily evacuated in their stools.

3) Cat treats with malt

This is one of the best options because it specifically targets the formation of hairballs and prevents them from forming.

4) A good brush

By brushing your cat daily, you remove the dead hairs that are found in its coat. As well as meaning there will be less cat fur on your couch and carpets, it also means your cat won’t be ingesting them.

5) If nothing else works, here is the emergency solution:

Credits: christels / Pixabay

A laxative paste acts like an intestinal lubricant. The goal? Help the hairs move through the digestive system and be eliminated as waste. You only need to give them to your cat two or three times a week, either one hour before you feed them, or 6 hours after.