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Top ten tips to care for wooden furniture

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Top ten tips to care for wooden furniture
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Wooden furniture is an interior design classic.  The vast variety of choice and their robust structures make them very attractive pieces of furniture. They can give off a traditional look full of charm or be more modern with their sleek varnishes or fashionable dyes. However you can’t forget to care for your wooden furniture as it can get dirty and lose it’s shine! How do you keep wood in perfect condition? Here are all our tips that are simple and fuss-free! 

If you don’t like your furniture anymore even after giving it a good clean, you could perhaps give it a lick of paint or test it out in a different room.  If these ideas don’t appeal to you, don’t throw away your furniture.  Give it to charity as there will always be someone who is interested!

1) For drawers that don’t slide very well: Rub candle wax onto the corners to make it slide easier.

You can also try out soap!

Credits : Video screenshot from  Woodified YouTube Channel

2) The best cleaning techniques for each wood

You need to clean wood several times per year to keep it in it’s best condition!

  • Varnished or teak wood: Simply use water mixed with white vinegar and soap.
  • Veneered furniture:  You can also clean it with a cloth soaked in alcohol and turpentine.  Leave to dry and polish with a woolen cloth.
  • Painted wooden furniture: Choose soapy water or a cloth soaked in turpentine.
  • Waxed furniture: Add a little washing powder to hot water and carefully brush it onto your furniture.  Leave to dry and then apply wax mixed with turpentine.
  • Wooden floor:  Dilute Marseille soap with water.  Take the mop and rinse with clean water.
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After cleaning you can nourish and polish your wood by coating it with a light layer of flax seed oil.  For waxed wood, you can also use a natural oil .

3) Polishing a varnished wood:  Rub the furniture with a cloth soaked in cold coffee.

The drink with remove greasy marks and dust and give colour back to your varnish!

4)  Removing furniture marks in your carpet or rug

Credits : Instructables

There are two techniques to do this:

  • Place a clean cloth onto the mark and iron the cloth.  Brush the carpet hair in the opposite direction.
  • You can also place ice cubes onto the mark and leave them to melt.

5) Removing oily marks from wood

  • For waxed or hard woods you should choose Sommieres Earth Natural Dry Stain Remover which absorbs the oily stain brilliantly!
  • For varnished or patterned wood you can use talc powder, blotting paper and then pass the iron on a low heat over the paper which is on top of the power to soak up the stain.