Top ten natural tips for getting rid of corns and blisters

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Top ten natural tips for getting rid of corns and blisters
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Feet are the part of our body that is called upon the most during the day.  They support our body weight and are put under constant pressure as we walk and move about. It is understandable why they suffer.  As we use our feet everyday we sometimes develop corns and blisters on the sole or heal of our foot. To prevent these annoyances from occurring, you need to keep good care of your feet. Here are 10 effective and natural remedies to help overcome corns and blisters as well as ways to protect and soothe your feet.

Corns and blisters are different.  Blisters happen as a result of friction or pressure on the foot.  They can appear anywhere from the sole to the heel and can be painful. Corns can appear on the feet as well our hands and are not painful.  Despite the fact they are different, you can still treat the two in several identical ways.  Read on to find out more about the top ten natural methods.

1) Onion

Rich in nutrients and powerful acids, onions are a remedy for many daily aches and pains even for blisters and corns.  Onion juice helps to soften hard skin and so as a result the dead skin will disappear.  All you need to do is directly apply the onion juice on the affected zone on your foot and then cover with a plaster for 1 to 2 days so that the onion juice has time to soak into the skin.

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2) Garlic

Garlic, like onions, is a remedy for many health related issues.  Very rich in powerful acids, garlic can also help with foot problems.  It can quickly soothe inflammation.  Garlic is also a very good anti-fungal remedy and can be used on hands and on your feet.

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3) Lemon

Lemons help to reduce the pain of blisters.  Rich in antioxidants, all you need to do is apply the lemon juice onto the hardened skin so that it can soften which will in effect relieve the pain of the blister.

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4) Papaya

This technique might seem a little surprising but papayas can really help to get rid of blisters and corns.  All you need to do is collect the papaya juice and apply it to your feet massaging them gently.  This will also help to soften and loosen the skin which will help to soothe the pain and the irritation.

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