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Toothache: 4 remedies to relieve pain and get back on form

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Toothache: 4 remedies to relieve pain and get back on form
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When we talk about toothache, we’re not talking about slight pains in the mouth but a vague piercing sensation that engulfs the tooth and the surrounding area. This could be caused by a dental cavity especially if it is too close to a nerve or even could be caused by an abscess.  However you can resort to calming, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic remedies which can make your life easier when you are suffering from a painful inflammation in your mouth.  

Seeing as these solutions don’t cure the problem but only help to sooth the issue, these natural remedies will not replace a little visit to the dentist.  Make sure that you book an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can so the issue doesn’t get worse.

1) Ginger

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Lots of people are addicted to the beneficial properties of ginger which are pretty miraculous for our health.  Ginger is a great natural remedy for toothache as it is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-bacterial.  Make a paste which you can apply onto the affected area.  This can be done by mixing two teaspoons of powered ginger to one teaspoon of water.  Place your mixture onto a piece of cotton and then place it onto the tooth making sure you don’t touch the gums.

2) Cloves

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Cloves have anesthetic properties and are an excellent treatment for toothache.  You can give yourself a mouth wash by boiling some cloves in water for 10 minutes and then use this solution to rinse out your mouth.  Another more simple tip involves placing a clove onto the painful tooth which you can slowly start to chew so that you can activate the clove’s properties (Of course you don’t want to break your tooth or try to force it too much).

3) Clove essential oil

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Just like cloves, clove essential oil is very anesthetic.  All you need to do is to place a drop of this oil onto a cotton bud or even your finger (to avoid using a single use plastic) and then apply it onto the tooth and massage around it.  Don’t use the oil for more than one week and avoid using it if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or giving it to children under 6 years old.

4) A good old clay poultice

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Mix some clay with some water with a wooden spoon until you have got a smooth paste.  Apply the paste onto the cheek where you are experiencing pain of course.  Leave the clay on the affected area for one hour making sure that you don’t place the clay on two places at the same or alternate times.  You can make this paste as often as possible throughout the day.

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