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Great smelling armpits from morning to night with three simple tips

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Great smelling armpits from morning to night with three simple tips
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Sweating is something that can effect us at all times of the year whether it is the height of summer or the middle of winter.  It is never nice to realise that your underarms are beginning to smell especially in the middle of the day at work!  These bad odors are due to bacteria that develops under your armpits.  Don’t worry as we have three simple and natural tips so you can have great smelling armpits and combat excessive sweating!

1) The simplest deodorant there is but also extremely effective

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Palmarosa essential oil is a classic when it comes to getting rid of bad sweat smells.  This essential oil eliminates bacteria and odors that are linked with excessive sweating.  All you need to do is to massage two drops of the essential oil under your armpits each morning.  You can add some more during the day if needed.  A little bottle of essential oil takes up less space in your hand bag or office drawer than a bottle of deodorant!

Remember however that the deodorant only combats the smells and doesn’t work as an anti-antiperspirant.  If you sweat a lot then you should follow the tips below instead.

2) Antiperspirant lotion with a fresh smell

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In a bottle mix 50 ml of apricot kernel oil, 30 drops of bitter orange essential oil, 20 drops of lemon essential oil and 10 drops of sage essential oil.  Apply this onto you underarms and then wipe away any surplus with a tissue.  Leave the oily mixture to dry well before getting dressed so that you skin can absorb the mixture.

3) Combat perspiration with a hydrolat and an aromatic water

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You can use a pure sage hydrolat under your armpits to try an regulate excessive sweating.  Grapefruit aromatic water is also an excellent choice when you suffer from excessive sweating.

As a bonus: Here are three simple tips!

  • Drink a lot! This is very important.
  • Shave your underarms, as underarm hair is a nest of bacteria and can encourage bad smells to appear.
  • Avoid synthetic material. You should choose cotton, flax or wool instead!


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