THE tip to prevent your eyelids from falling

THE tip to prevent your eyelids from falling
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The further you advance in your age, the more your skin loses its vitality. The skin of your face becomes wrinkled, relaxed and very weak. There are many pharmaceutical creams to re-establish this problem, but their price is not very encouraging, which is why natural tricks, with the same effect and efficiency, offer a more interesting formula for repair and prevention The collapse of the eyelids and the eyes also.

The aging process causes a relaxation of the muscles of the skin and an alteration of its quality, which is why it is necessary to take care of it from your young age. When you age without having taken the slightest care of your face and skin, you will witness the collapse of your eyelids by the fact that their contours swell. Here is the technique to adopt.


  • A piece of cotton wool
  • Egg whites


  1. Clean your eyelids well by removing residues from the makeup products you usually put on. Then, dry the eyelids with a dry piece of cloth.
  2. After breaking an egg, extract its white and put it on your swollen eyelids with a piece of cotton wool.
  3. The idea is to keep the egg white on your closed eyelids until the skin absorbs this white entirely. Be careful not to let it flow into your eyes.