The ultimate stain remover with only two ingredients

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The ultimate stain remover with only two ingredients
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Sometimes all you need is to glance at a stain to know that it is one that is going to give you a hard time to remove.  If you have a tough stain like this you know it is unlikely your item of clothing will come out of the washing machine looking clean.  This is when you need a stain remover to give you a helping hand as it will dissolve the stain that is embedded deep into the fabric.  You can make your own ultimate stain remover yourself.  This mixture couldn’t be any easier as it only uses two ingredients for it to work wonders on white and coloured clothing! 

 What you need:

  • An excellent washing up liquid that is good a removing stains
  • Oxygenated water  (3 %)
  • A tinted glass spray bottle (The tint helps to protect the properties and composition of the oxygenated water)


1) Mix a dose of washing up liquid to two doses of oxygenated water into your bottle.

2) If you are worried that your item of clothing with become bleached you can try it out on a corner of clothing that is less visible.

3) Generously apply the product to saturate the mark.  Rub the fabric with your finger or the cloth itself so that the mark has been well covered.

4) Put the item of clothing into the washing machine (Not with cold water).

This mixture is very effective.  If you have a really tough stain you could add a little bicarbonate of soda onto the stain or rub the stain with an old toothbrush.


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