The best way to eat and prepare a pineapple!

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The best way to eat and prepare a pineapple!
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Pineapples are rich in vitamin C and can help will digestion as well as having many other benefits. Both exotic and delicious, it can be eaten both raw and cooked either in a cake or a sweet and savory dish.  Nevertheless, this is not the easiest fruit to cut and serve so many of us don’t bother.  Often you need to have a good knife and then start to tackle the hard outer coating so that you can cut slices or chop it up into cubes.  Otherwise you can resort to a specially designed pineapple cutting tool but they don’t always work as they should or can waste a lot of the good flesh.  Some might be tempted to buy pre-cut and prepared pineapple by this creates a lot of plastic waste… What is more it costs an arm and a leg! So what is the best way to eat and prepare a pineapple? 

Sometimes the internet is a great source of inspiration!  Here is a video that has been viewed by more than 20 million people and shared across social media channels which gives you helping hand!  Read on to discover how to prepare a pineapple perfectly…

How to prepare a pineapple easily and in the correct fashion?

The secret of this technique resides in the fact that pineapples aren’t a block of fruit.  In fact it is made up of several berry clusters.  Therefore each diamond shaped form corresponds to a berry which you just need to pick and then snack on!  With this method use use the skin to gradually peel out the berry and then eat the pineapple bit by bit.  This way you don’t need a knife to cut out the heart!

Some people have tried this technique and it doesn’t work the way that it should.  So that this technique can work you need to make sure that choose a very ripe fruit.  This way the berries wille be pull away more easily.  You just need to cut away the bottom of the flesh so that you can have access to the fruit. It is as easy as that!

How can you choose a ripe pineapple so this technique works?

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Choosing the right pineapple can be a bit tricky because unlike other fruits its colour shows no sign of maturity. As a result, green pineapples can be very sweet without you realising.  There might be a lot of techniques that you can use to choose your pineapple from the smell, to the weight or the prickles of the skin.  However the best way to choose is by looking at the leaves.  You should chose a bright green leave on top and if you can pull one away easily in your hands then you know that it is ripe.

What do you do if you have already bought one or find none that suits..

You can of course speed up the ripening process of a pineapple!  So that you can do this you just need to simple cut the leaves off and then rest the pineapple upside down on the now cut side.  After a few hours the juice accumulated at the bottom of the pineapple will have been redistributed.  This is why there is always one side that is sweeter than the other.

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