The best essential oils for people with sporting injuries

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The best essential oils for people with sporting injuries
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We are constantly talking about the benefits of exercise and encourage people to pick up a new sport even if they don’t seem to have the time.  It’s true that we all can lack a bit of motivation to do sport in the evening.  However although it is good for our health, body and mind, practicing a sport can leave you with some injuries such as strains, muscle aches, inflammation etc.  This is why today’s tip is all about the essential oils that are good to have in the house if you are sport enthusiast. 

As always you should use essential oils with degree of precaution.  These following oils are not recommended for pregnant or breast feeling women, people suffering from epilepsy or children under the age of 7 (or under the age of 12 for wintergreen essential oil.)

1) Peppermint for relieving strains quickly

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It releases a freshness effect that is both very agreeable and helps to relieve any pain that arises.  The effect is very quick which is one of it’s greatest attributes!

If you have sweated a lot, you can also freshen yourself up with little mint scrub which ca help to eliminate bad smells or with a refreshing mint scented gel.  It’s reinvigorating!

2) Lemon Eucalyptus

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This is a excellent friend to have if you are a sporty type as it is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving.  People who suffer from joint pain or tendinitis swear by it’s brilliant and effective qualities.  You can also mix the oil with calophyllum oil which is also anti-inflammatory and which can be used to dilute it.  Massage this mixture onto any painful areas and then give your injury a little respite

3) Lavandin super

If you need an essential oil which relaxes, soothes and softens tight muscles, then this is the oil you need.  You will be able to forget about your pain before a competition or a match that you can lose.  We’d recommend diluting 30 drops in 30 ml of almond oil.

4) Helichrysum

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You can often suffer from bumps and bruises when practising certain sports.  This essential oil is particularly good as it helps to heal bruising thanks to it’s anit-inflammatory properties. It is also great at healing cuts. By applying just one drop of this oil onto the effected zone straight after the impact and then one hour after you are unlikely to have big bruises.

You can also use this oil for sprains but again you have to act quickly by massaging 3 drops onto the painful area.  You can the dilute the oil with calophyllum oil  which is anti-inflammatory and apply 3 times per day for the following week. (dilute at 10 %)

5) Wintergreen

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There is no better analgesic and anti-inflammatory essential oil thanks to methyl salicylate which is found in the oil.  (Please be aware that it is not recommended for people allergic to aspirin or who take anticoagulants). This essential oil to have if your are suffering from extreme pain linked to a pushed effort,  tendinitis or a false movement.


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