Repair a broken zip with this simple technique

Repair a broken zip with this simple technique
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If you are anything like us, you are already tight for time in the mornings, and finding that your zip is broken is the last thing you need. Most often, the zip becomes fiddly and difficult to open and close, but when the universe is really going against you, the teeth of a zip become out of shape on one side, making it impossible to close it again. To save your favourite jeans or your best coat, try out this fairly simple repair technique which could save you from having to fully replace the zip. 

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Thread (in the same colour as the garment, although a red coloured thread is used here to make the technique more visible)
  • A needle


1) The first step is to put everything back in place. Simply cut out the teeth that are causing the problem. Be sure to make the cut between two teeth on the lower part.


2) Put the slider back in place and close the zip to the top.


You will notice that the zip is repaired and you can close it, although you will be left with a hole where you cut the material.


3) Use the needle and thread to link the two sides of the zip, to block up the hole and stop the zipper from sliding back down again. Go over the area several times with the thread so that it is good and solid. And there you go, it’s fixed! A great way to save an item of clothing, even if in the long term you may need to replace the zip.

Before and After