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Technique to prevent jam from going mouldy

Technique to prevent jam from going mouldy
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We’ll set the scene for you: you have just gotten out of bed (not on the right side either, and having stubbed your toe on the furniture). You go into the kitchen for your morning coffee and are assailed by an urge for toast and jam, which you’ve decided is well deserved after such a rude awakening. And there you have it: horror! Your eyes (still full of sleep) spy mould in the pot of strawberry jam (your favourite, of course). Grrrrrrr!!!!!

Mould often forms in pots of jam, which is particularly susceptible to the formation of these large greenish clusters. It also often happens that a pot is only half finished and needs to be thrown out. Here is a simple way to avoid such waste and frustration.

Technique extraordinaire!

Keep your pots of jam in the fridge, and most importantly, store them upside down (with the cover at the bottom). It works perfectly and you’ll have no more mould anywhere in the jar. Success! Toaster at the ready!