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Surprising ways to use sugar

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Surprising ways to use sugar
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We have recently seen that salt can be very beneficial in the house, but sugar can also come in handy!  It can be used to get rid of pests or to help take care of your plants or garden patch.  Read on and discover 5 surprising ways to use sugar!

1) Keep a bunch of flowers in better condition for longer

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Use a mixture of vinegar and sugar to make your bunch of flowers which sits in prime position in your prettiest vase stay more beautiful for longer.  The sugar will help nourish the flowers while the vinegar will combat any bacteria which can alter the health of the plant.  Put two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar into a litre of water.

2) Fight against nematode worms in the garden

Credits : Flickr/Scot Nelson

If your plants are no longer as strong as they used to be and you have noticed that their roots look like nests with rounded growths, it could mean that they have been attacked by nematodes.  Sprinkle some sugar on the ground to get the worms to move away by increasing the level of organic matter in the ground.  You could use 2 kg for 25 m² of ground.

3) Helping you to clean extremely dirty hands

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If your hands are covered in grease or paint stains, you often struggle to get them sparkling clean again.  However your should whip the sugar out of the cupboard!  Mix sugar with olive oil in 50 / 50 proportions and scrub your hands carefully with this mixture.  Olive oil is excellent for getting rid of the stains while the abrasive grains of sugar scrub the stains away. After you’re finished your hands will be perfectly clean and soft!

4)  Trap flies without any chemical ingredients using sugar

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Mix 500 ml of milk with 115 g of sugar and 60 g of ground black pepper.  Reduce the mixture on a low heat for ten minutes mixing carefully.  Pour the mixture into bowls that you can put into strategic places.  Flies will be attracted by this sugary mixture helping you to get rid of pests as they will drown themselves!

5) Getting rid of cockroaches

Mix sugar and bicarbonate of soda in equal parts to make a mixture that will get rid of cockroaches. Although the sugar attracts the cockroaches the bicarbonate of soda helps to kill them.  Sprinkle this mixture into key areas when you have noticed an infestation.  Redo the mixture often so that it is effective and so that they don’t decide to come back.  Be careful if you have children or pets as they might try and eat this mixture.


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