Surprising way to remove paint stains from clothes

Surprising way to remove paint stains from clothes
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In the heat of the moment, we can easily get a little over enthusiastic with the brush strokes, only to find our clothes covered in paint stains. Usually, it’s simply a case of awkwardness or sheer bad luck. And even if a constellation of stains could make for an interesting pattern, most of the time, we could do without it. To remove paint stains, try out this somewhat unusual technique that is surprisingly effective!

What you need:

  • Anti-bacterial hand gel that contains ethanol (or ethyl alcohol), which is a solvent that will get rid of the paint.
  • An old toothbrush
Credits: OneGoodThingByJillee


1) Lay the garment out on a flat, clean surface (like a table).

Credits: OneGoodThingByJillee

2) Pour a generous dose of the anti-bacterial gel onto the toothbrush.

3) Scrub the stain with the brush, making small circular movements. Little by little, the stain will disappear.

4) Don’t be afraid to gradually add more gel to the toothbrush. Scrubbing might take a while, but it works a charm.

Credits: OneGoodThingByJillee

5) When the stains are all gone, put the item of clothing in the washing machine and wash it as normal.

N.B: If you are afraid that the colours will run because of the gel, you can do a patch test on a less visible area of the garment beforehand.

Before and after:

Credits: OneGoodThingByJillee
Credits: OneGoodThingByJillee