Stop smoking: 7 tips to help break the habit

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Stop smoking: 7 tips to help break the habit
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The decision to stop smoking is a big step.  It is a sign that you want be healthy again and that you don’t want your cigarettes to dictate your life.  Often it is the people we love who motivate us to keep our health in check.  However it can be really difficult.  When starting the complicated step of stopping smoking you should try these simple tips so that you don’t give up. These are excellent ways to help break the habit! 

1) Essential oils

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Olfactive aromatherapy can be a great help.  You can simply diffuse essential oils in a room or sniff the bottle to help calm your desire to smoke.  This can also fill the need of having something in your hands which is connected to holding a cigarette.  (It doesn’t work for the lack of nicotine.) We’d strongly advise Soft orange as an essential oil but nothing is stopping you from trying your own mixtures from, mandarin, Lebanon cedar, geranium, peppermint, Sylvester or maritime pine, or even verbena.

2) Baths to relax

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Stopping smoking can cause immense stress!  Run a bath diluted with essential oils to help overcome this stress and to make you instantly feel better.  You can also add dried flowers like chamomile, jasmine, lavender or hops.  Take a twenty minute bath to help relax your body.  This detoxed sensation with last a good while afterwards.

3) A good cup of tea

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Drinking herbal teas that have relaxing and sedative properties will effectively relax your body.  You can drink a herbal tea with a chamomile, passion flower or lemon balm base at least 3 times per day to make you feel better.

4) Keep your mouth occupied

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Brushing your teeth with a mint flavoured toothpaste or even simply chewing on mint leaves can relieve the urge to smoke.  Some people prefer to chew a stick of liquorice or even cinnamon to occupy the mouth as well as having something to hold in the hand.  (This can replace the action of holding a cigarette without the harmful effects.)  A chewing gum, a nicotine type if needed, can also be helpful just like a large glass of water which is always good for your body.  The desire to smoke will only last 3 to 5 minutes.  These are some good alternatives that you can try while you try and overcome your need for a cigarette.

5) Electronic cigarette

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For lots of people, the electronic cigarette has been a great help.  It allows you to keep the smoking action so that you can wean yourself off slowly.  The multitude of devices available alongside the many different liquid flavours (which can be added with nicotine or not) make it a pleasurable activity.  Eleaf designed by Nicovip offers a wide range of products. It is important to remember that as this is a relatively new concept we know little about any health repercussions. Although the health risks are much less that cigarettes.  What’s more alarmist surveys are often funded by tobacco companies that are afraid of losing money now that many are using these new devices to help them quit smoking.  

6) Keep yourself occupied

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Do your hands itch and does your mind have trouble concentrating? Positive thoughts are important.  Try to encourage yourself and think about successfully managing to overcome your desire to smoke.  Occupying your thoughts by imagining your next holiday could also lift you spirits. If you need to you could also leave the room where you are so that you can vent your thoughts elsewhere. You could also use a stress ball to occupy your fingers or three balls the size of a cherry. A sport session can also be beneficial to occupy your body and mind… There is no need to run a marathon. A simple go for a jog or a few exercises will suffice! Deep breathing exercises will also help you relax.

7) Homeopathy

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This alternative medicine can be very effective in filling the void as it has tiny quantities of the substance you miss.  You could try Tabacum 5CH, Ignatia 5CH and Caladium 5CH.  Take 5 granules every morning and night. Lobelia inflata (Indian tobacco) could also be a good option.  You should take 3 granules of 4 CH to 15 CH for each dose.

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