Stomach ache: remedy to rapidly relieve pain

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Stomach ache: remedy to rapidly relieve pain
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Suffering from a stomach ache is unfortunately very common and it is extremely rare if someone has never been affected in their life.  Whether it is a digestive, psychological, gynecological or urinary problem the possible causes of pain are numerous including anxiety, eating too much, or an illness.  Aches appear suddenly and the pain can vary from being weak to throbbing.  Whatever the reason, you can test this spicy remedy to help rapidly relieve pain. 

Be aware that this remedy is for stomach aches that occasionally appear.  If it is a problem that lasts some time or becomes unlivable you should contact your doctor.

What you need:

  • Water
  • Ground cumin

Cumin helps digestion and helps relieve flatulence and bloating.  It is excellent against the build up of gas in your body.  It helps to reduce pain around the abdomen and is good at fighting against intestinal infections.


1) Measure out a teaspoon of ground cumin.

2) Tip it into a large glass of water

3) Drink the mixture all in one go.  The taste is surprising as although this spice is a classic in the kitchen it not often eaten or taken on it’s own.  However you should try and persevere as although it is an acquired taste it will do wonders for your health!

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