Static hair: 6 tips so your hair no longer stands on end!

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Static hair: 6 tips so your hair no longer stands on end!
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In winter, you can often feel like you hair is standing on end and is sticking to your face.  There is without a doubt electricity in the air!  Dry air means that our hair becomes charged with static electricity.  The works a bit like magnets… But do we have to put up with this half -Einstein half-hedgehog look all winter?  What’s more if your hair is straight and fine you are particularly affected!  Fortunately there are some very simple ways to try and avoid static hair.  Read on to discover all you need to know! 

1) Humidify your rooms

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Heating can dry out the air inside our homes.  If you’d like to stop having static hair you therefore need to combat the dry air.  So that you can do this you can buy a simple humidifier.  Otherwise you can place cups of water on top of the radiators.  You will really see the difference with your hair as well as your skin!

2) Choose the right clothes so that you don’t get an electric shock!

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Some clothes favour electric charges therefore helping to make your hair stand on end!  You should try and stay away from synthetic materials and instead choose natural fibers like cotton and wool.  Avoid acrylic materials which is one of the worst for static hair! You should also watch what footwear you wear.  A leather sole that rubs the floor will be less charged than trainers with a rubber sole.  You should also forget about using a dryer for a while.  True, it’s handy to have in winter to dry clothes more quickly in cold temperatures. However it can make the problem worse.  If you decide to use your dryer anyway, don’t dry your clothes completely but just remove the most of the moisture.

3) Pass the hot potato!  In the same way pass your electricity onto someone else

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There is nothing better than passing on your electricity if you want to get rid of it. The way to do this is to give the nearest person a kiss.  After decharging the electricity (you’ll notice an electric shock between you!) you will no longer have static hair!

4) Use a square of silk in your hat

soie tissu
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You might have noticed that old style bunnets and top hats always have a square of silk… it is actually there for good reason as it can prevent static hair.  In the winter months you need to have a hat to keep your ears warm.  However hats at the worst for giving you a static shock and leaving your hair a complete mess. We have the solution!  All you need to do is to put a square of silk into your hat or cap.  You can also use a silk pillow case to take care of your hair and your skin!

5) Care products that you can use

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Many hair care products and techniques can effectively get rid of static hair.  For example, you should avoid having too hot or too cold a shower.  You should also hydrate your hair with moisturising products that give your hair a bit of weight so as to reduce any stray hairs!  You can for example heat up a few drops of vegetable oil in your hands and then run it through your hair.  You can use many types of oil including coconut, jojoba and avocado oil.  However you can also use some hairspray or a little softener or rub a wipe onto your brush before brushing to remove the electricity. The wipe can also be passed directly to the hair.

6) Good practices

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If you haven’t tried any of the preventative methods mentioned above your hair will obviously be affected by static.  There are two methods that can help you put an end to static hair quickly.  The first technique involves rubbing some cream onto your hands and then running your hands through your hair.  You then put a thin layer of cream that will help to keep your hair in place without making your hair greasy.  Otherwise you can soak you hands with a little water and then pass your hands over your hair without ever touching it.  (Just keep a few millimetres away from your hair).  This will decharge your hair and it won’t be static anymore.

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