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Stains: 21 surprising tips to get rid of tough marks

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Stains: 21 surprising tips to get rid of tough marks
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15) Vinegar and vinegar oil fights against limescale and marked or tarnished stainless steel

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Soak a cloth with a mix of oil and few drops of vinegar and rub the stainless steel. Use an absorbent paper to get rid of any excess.

16) Soft bread works on greasy stains on leather and wall-paper

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Make a ball with the fresh soft bread and rub it onto the stain. The bread will absorb the stain so there is no longer a trace of the mark.

17) Foam erases all stains (even tea and chewing gum)

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Apply a bit of foam to the affected area. Wipe with another cloth and then put the item into the washing machine.

Good to know: Some foams have a greasier composition and can sometimes make the problem worse.  Think about testing the product on an old piece of material before using it on your clothes.

18) Onions work on rust and singed clothing

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Cut your onion in two and rub onto your rust mark.

This process might not be enough on metallic surfaces.  If there are still signs of a stain, mix lime juice and salt together and pour onto the affected area. Leave to react for 30 minutes and then wipe with a sponge.

19) Salt works for all types of stains

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To get rid of blood stains, soak your fabric in salted cold water.

To get rid of a sauce mark, sprinkle it with salt and then rinse with hot water.

To get rid of a wine stain on your fitted carpet, pour a generous amount of salt onto the mark and dab it with a cloth soaked in vinegar or warm milk.

20) Talc powder works on greasy stains (Even old ones)

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For a recent stain, sprinkle talc powder on the mark you’d like to get rid of.  Give the powder a bit of time to absorb.  Making circular movements use a flexible brush to rub the stain.

For an old stain, put the talc powder on the mark and cover it in absorbent paper.  Iron the fabric using a low heat.

21) White wine works against red wine stains

Credits : Pixabay/Didgeman

Soak your sponge in wine wine and rub the stain. Now your piece of clothing or sheet can go into the washing machine.

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