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Stains: 21 surprising tips to get rid of tough marks

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Stains: 21 surprising tips to get rid of tough marks
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For some people it’s really easy to buy a stain remover, put it on the offending mark and throw the item in the washing machine.  However this simple method does not work for everyone, especially those who want to use natural, non-toxic products that are bound to work!  What’s more when a bottle of stain remover is finished you have to go out and buy another. If you are constantly battling with every day stains it is important to find the best solutions to get rid of them. To help you remove those annoying marks, take a look at our 22 surprising techniques which use everyday objects and food products. If you think you know these products well you might be surprised to find out what else they are useful for! 

1) Corks are great for wood stains

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You must have loads of corks lying around your cupboards.  They are really useful for getting rid of wood stains. You can remove water marks from waxed wood by simply using a cork as a rubber.  On darker woods your can remove marks by using the same method however think about burning the bottom of the cork before starting to rub.

After having carried out this process you can use some wax to give the wood more of a shine.

2) Use a key to get rid of a blood stain

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Liquid starch is an excellent way to remove blood stains but the key you use to open and lock your front door with also does the trick.  To get rid of a blood stain, wet your key with cold water (never hot)  and then rub the stain with your key.

3) Ash can brighten jewelry

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Apply ash from your fireplace or from a cigarette on to a microfiber cloth and use this to polish your pieces of jewelry which have black marks.

You can also try this technique to brighten silverware.

4) Use aspirin to remove blood stains

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Dampen your pill with a little water and use this to rub your stain. Rince the fabric with clean water.

Make sure to use aspirin and not paracetamol as the two do not have the same components.

5) Butter works on greasy stains

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It might be hard to believe but as the saying goes fight evil with evil! Apply the butter to the greasy stain and leave it there for several minutes. With a paper towel soak up the rest.  Now use soapy water to remove the butter.

6) Coke works well on ink, blood and greasy marks

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We hope our articles talking about Coca Cola as an excellent washing detergent haven’t put you off drinking it. However this product is exactly what you need in your fridge to remove stains. Leave your affected item in a basin of Coca Cola for a couple of hours and then wash the item in soapy water.

To help get rid of tough stains you can also put the coke in to the washing drum and set off the machine.

7) Chalk perfect for greasy marks

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To easily remove a greasy stain rub your item with a stick of chalk before putting it in the washing machine. The powder is really effective!