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Spotty bottom: 4 ways to get rid of the spots for good

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Spotty bottom: 4 ways to get rid of the spots for good
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A spotty bottom can get you paranoid whether you are at the beach or with your partner in the bedroom.  It is easy to have your confidence knocked!  In contrast to what we might believe our daily hygiene isn’t the only problem. Often our hormones can get in a muddle while hot temperatures and sweat can be added into the mix to worsen the situation.  Shaving and waxing can also encourage spots to develop.  If you are aware of some spots appearing on your bottom, here are a few essential tips to get rid of them for good. 

1) Tips to keep bottom spots away

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Daily hygiene is a key point when it comes to combating bottom spots.  By simply keeping on top of a few details you can improve your skin. When you choose any product that touches the skin whether it is washing detergent or toilet paper, make sure it is neutral, without colourings and unscented as much as possible.  Use less fabric softer so your clothes can stay in better shape and try an choose hypoallergenic products.

2) Watch what clothes you wear

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The choice of clothing is essential as synthetic materials or clothes that are too tight like skinny jeans or shapewear pants could encourage rubbing only worsening the situation.  In contrast, choose clothes and underwear that are loose fitting and made from natural materials.  By choosing these types of clothing your skin has more opportunity to breath.   Cotton materials are your best ally!  Although cotton isn’t recommended for sporting activities there are other specialised materials that are an excellent natural alternative to synthetic like merino wool or bamboo. After you have done a sporting activity, change out of your sweaty clothes as soon as you can and take a shower so you can wash away any bacteria on your skin.

3) What is the best way to wash a spotty bottom…?

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Just like our washing detergents, you should chose simple and soft products that are preferably unscented, with no colourings, hypoallergenic and with a neutral pH.  A dermatological bar or soap-free gel might also work.  You can also try Alep soap which has hydrating, disinfecting and healing properties which can help to calm the skin.  In any case, your cleaning process should be followed by a good and thorough rinse as well as drying off with a light taps rather than rubbing your skin too aggressively.  If you dry yourself well this will avoid moisture from building up which can encourage spots to form in the fold of your bottom.

For those of you that use a body scrub, it is not really recommended.  In contrast to common perceptions, a scrub can risk irritating the area even more. This can end in scars or really pigmented scars which are even more aesthetically displeasing than the spots themselves!  Only a chemical exfoliator made with salicylic or lactic acid is suitable for this area.

4) Good moisturiser and adapted skin care for bottom spots

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Avoid, at all costs, from fiddling with your spots.  You should instead be very careful with this area and make sure that it is well moisturised.  An urea based cream can really help to soften this area and can encourage new cell development.  To complement this cream you can also use benzoyl peroxide to effectively treat the spots.  Otherwise you can head for more natural solutionAloe vera gel is very soft and can hydrate, protect and heal the spotty area.  A clay mask can also be used on your bottom to help softly cleanse the spots.  Lastly you can apply a chamomile cataplasme on your bottom every night after your shower.  Soak a cloth with the infusion made from 30 g of dried chamomile flowers to one litre of water.  Leave to infuse for 20 minutes before using.

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