Sore throat: 8 tips if you lose your voice

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Having difficulties speaking is hard to deal with in daily life.  Not only do you have to live with soreness linked to an irritated throat but you also have to speak without hardly any sound coming out. However it becomes even worse when you have to try and deal with it at work especially if you are a teacher.  Whether you are ill or whether you have forced you vocal chords too much here are some great pieces advice and solutions if you have found you have lost your voice.

1) General pieces of advice if you lose your voice

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  • Protect your throat with a scarf.  You can also apply some hot compresses whenever possible.
  • An anti inflammatory like an ibuprofen could help the oedema disappear.
  • A humid environment is a great help. You can start up your air humidifier or run a few warm baths.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or cold drinks or smoke.  You should stay well hydrated so as to avoid any mucus production which will just affect your vocal chords even more.  You should therefore drink plenty water and hot drinks.
  • Try not to speak for 48 hours.  Even whispering can irritate your vocal chords.  Instead you should stay quiet and write or even better just rest!

2) Essential oils

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Place 2 drops of lemon eucalyptus on to half a sugar cube and melt the sugar on your tongue three times per day.

3) Inhalations

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Prepare inhalations three times per day for 10 to 15 minutes.  Remember to stay warm for the thirty minutes afterwards.  Prepare a bowl of hot water and add some essential oil. (2 drops of eucalyptus, 1 drop of thyme and 1 drop of lavender.)

4) Gargle with honey

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Honey can help to lubricate your vocal chords and disinfect them.  It is therefore a good idea to gargle with honey three times per day with a honey mixture that you can boil for 5 minutes in a mug of water.  Make sure that your preparation is lukewarm when you drink the mixture.  The aim is to relieve your throat not to make the problem worse but having to heal a burnt palette!