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Sore head: 15 ways to help relieve the pain

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Sore head: 15 ways to help relieve the pain
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Sore heads really have the knack of running you down!  Once it has taken hold, we become disheartened as we know that part of day is ruined and it will be difficult to get yourself going again in any hurry.  Nevertheless there are some simple tips that can help you chase away a fever and help you get back to your normal rhythm quickly.  Using a mixture of drinks, self massages and special techniques, your headache will soon be a distant memory!    Here are 15 top tips to cure your sore head. 

1) Drink Water!

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It’s simple but lots of sore heads are caused by dehydration!

2) A small head massage

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Studies have shown that by massage the base of your head above your neck it can help to soothe a sore head.

3) Massage a specific area of your hand

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Find the soft area between your thumb and your index finger.  Massage this area for about a minute and then change hands.  You should notice a difference to your head ache!

4) Do some stretches

Muscle tension can also play a part in making your head sore.  Stretch your neck which can then help to soothe any tensions that are bothering you.

5) Eat some water melon (when it is in season)

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Fruits that are rich in water content like watermelon can hydrate the body and therefore soothe a sore head linked to dehydration.