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How to soothe and combat cold sores

How to soothe and combat cold sores
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Do you suffer from mouth sores? It is now your turn to fight them off! Chose one of these tricks to help treat your sores and get rid of them fast!

  • Chew a basil leaf: This aromatic herb has a reputation for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory capacities. Chew a few basil leave a couple of times a day or make yourself a rinse. Boil 100g of basil with 1ltrs of water.
  • Apply a sachet of black tea: Infuse the tea sachet into some warm water then apply like a compress onto the sore, for as long as possible. The tannin contained in the tea has astringent and analgesic virtues that will immediately relieve your cold sores.

You will soon be able to eat without pain!