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Snoring: Get a peaceful night’s sleep with this homemade remedy

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Snoring: Get a peaceful night’s sleep with this homemade remedy
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Snoring isn’t pleasant for the person snoring nor for the person who is sleeping beside them.  We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep and sleep for the right number of hours.  Having a restful sleep will help you get through the day and help you stay in good health.  If you or your partner have a bad snoring habit, here is a homemade remedy that can help.  Made from a mixture of very effective essential oils great for clearing your airways, this product will help to reduce your snoring and have a peaceful night’s sleep.  Ever better it smells delicious! 

What you need:

  • An empty roll-on glass bottle (10 ml) (Tinted if possible to preserve the oils better)
  • A neutral supporting oil like fractionalised coconut oil (Coconut oil that stays in a liquid form)
  • 4 drops of the following essential oils:


1) Firstly you can fill you roll on bottle half full or roughly two-thirds with your supporting oil.

2) Next add the essential oils.

3) Carefully close your bottle and then shake so that everything is mixed in well together.  Now your product is ready to use!

4) You can also add a label to your bottle so you know what’s inside so it is not used inappropriately and when you made it.

How to use the product:

You could diffuse two drops of each of these essential oils in your room before going to sleep however it want be as effective as your roll-on oil.  All you need to do is roll on a little of this oil mixture onto your neck or chest area before going to bed.  Sweet dreams!


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