Discover 9 smartphone features you never knew before!

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Discover 9 smartphone features you never knew before!
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We are never far from our smartphones as our phone is capable of almost everything the thanks to multitude of applications! Sure enough, our phone can’t do the cleaning or make a coffee but it can do a lot things that we use on a daily basis. Here are some helpful tips on how to use smartphone features that you may never have expected!  

1) Access to every nook and cranny in your flat

If you connect to Skype or Facetime from your phone to your computer, take a selfie stick and place your phone in the holder. Now you can see what is hidden at the top shelf or in the places you have never reached before!

Smartphone features
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2) A speaker that costs nothing

A lot of marketing has been pumped in to portable speakers which means they can cost an arm and a leg!  However if you want to turn up the volume of your telephone speakers simply place your phone in a mug.  Try it out and you’ll see!

smartphone features

3) Keep your phone longer and in a better condition

Have you already noticed that dust gets stuck in your phone case, in particular the area where you plug in your charger? Dust build-up can affect a phones life expectancy so it is important to keep it clean. Take a syringe and fill it with air and then inject the air into all the holes filled with dust.

4) All phones can be waterproof

Your phone is not waterproof but you would like to take photos under water? Don’t worry it is possible! There are lots of online tutorials that explain how to make your own waterproof pocket!

5) Helps people who are visually impaired

There are lots of apps out there which help us in our daily lives.  One app called Be My Eyes helps  people with visual impairments with daily tasks.

smartphone features
Be My Eyes

6) Hidden facial recognition

To unlock your phone, technology has evolved from a simple four number code to a digital fingerprint.  However these techniques are relatively boring… Android users, did you know that you can unlock your phone with facial recognition? Go into your phone settings then go to your lock screen and security settings.  In Secure lock setting find smart lock and here you will find lots of fun options to lock your phone!

smartphone features
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7) Phone disguised as a microscope

Add a lens to the camera of your phone and you will have a homemade microscope.  Now your phone will be able to see things not visible to the naked eye!

smartphone features
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8) Block your phone remotely

Have you lost your phone and are scared that it has fallen into the wrong hands? You are always worried about sharing your details and private information.  To block you phone remotely and prevent people from accessing your private information call your phone provider and give them your phones unique IMEI number.  You can find this number by entering *#06# on your phone’s call screen. Don’t forget to note the number down somewhere just in case!

9) Phone disguised as a baby monitor

If you have an automatic answer function in your phone (check in your settings), you will be able to use your phone as a baby monitor. You will need two phones.  Turn one phone onto auto answer, mute it, turn off the microphone, turn off the vibrator, and turn down the brightness so you do not wake up baby. Now you can call this phone with the second phone. The phone will answer automatically without ringing which won’t disturb the baby. 

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