Simple way to get rid of dust in one fell sweep

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Simple way to get rid of dust in one fell sweep
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Dust is the number one enemy in households as it can be a particularly tough opponent, which is always there.  It can sneakily slide into corners that are impossible to reach or objects that are difficult to dust.  What’s more it comes back even though we have sweated from our forehead to get rid of it not long ago!  So that you can make your life a little easier head to your drawer of odd socks so that you can arm yourself with the ultimate weapon! 

What you need:

  • An old sock that you no longer use


1) Slide your hand into your sock

2) Use this sock to dust up an area !

3) Put it into the washing machine when it gets too dirty. You can then reuse it to dust again!

It is difficult to find a more economic solution to dust using a simple odd sock.  Unlike a feather duster, an odd-sock-duster can get into all the nook and crannies of your cupboards and corners.  Unlike wipes which are not very environmentally friend and are expensive, this solution is cheap and reusable.  Your little decorations will sparkle like never before!

It’s so simple but you should try it out!


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