Simple tip to get rid of a verruca using garlic!

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Simple tip to get rid of a verruca using garlic!
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Garlic is not just your life saver if vampires are in town, as this classic ingredient can be used to cure many daily complaints.  A real natural antibiotic, garlic can help you to prevent and cure internal health issues from intestinal problems to heartburn as well as external health issues such as annoying verrucas!  

How does it work… thanks to allicin, an active sulphuric compound which is formed when garlic is squished or chopped. This simple antibacterial ingredient, it is known to work against to papillomavirus, the virus family linked to verrucas.

What to do: 

1) Chop up or squeeze a garlic clove

2) Next apply your garlic paste on to your verruca.

3) Cover the affected area with a sticky plaster and keep it in place over night.

4) The following day rinse and clean the verruca with a soft soap and then apply a plaster during the day.

5) Repeat this process until your verruca completely disappears

It is as simple as that!  Do you have any tips to get rid of verrucas? 

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