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Simple tip for making your washing up liquid go further

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Simple tip for making your washing up liquid go further
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Washing up liquid is a bit like olive oil, when you buy a new bottle it can always bump up you shopping bill.  However it is a kitchen essential.  So that it last longer it is often better to go for quality than cheap products. However there is another simple way that can make your washing up liquid go further! 

Often the main issue is the pump makes us use more liquid than we actually need each time you push down the pump.  However this is of course the aim of the seller so that you need to go back for more.  The idea is to find a way that you use less washing up liquid each time you do the dishes.  All you need to do this is a simple elastic band!

What to do? 

— Simple take you rubber elastic band

— Tie the band around the neck of the pump

— Move it so it is around the base of the pump

—Now when you press down on the pump you’ll have a more appropriate amount that comes out!

That is all there is too it!  This simple tip will help you washing up liquid last three times longer!

Credits : chefkeem / Pixabay

Do you have any money saving tips to reduce how much washing up liquid you use?


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