Simple tip for making fresh herbs last longer

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Simple tip for making fresh herbs last longer
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We are sure you agree with us, the tubs of dried herbs you can by in the supermarket have many advantages.  They are simple to use and find, they last for a long time and they are really handy.  The only thing is their flavour is never quite as good as fresh herbs.  Unfortunately, a bit like salad, fresh herbs don’t have a very long life.  Here is a extremely simple technique to keep them fresher for longer. 

What you need:

  • Fresh herbs (obviously)
  • A vase
  • Water

The steps:

1) Pour a little water into the vase.

2) Add your fresh herbs like they are a bouquet of flowers immersing the stems in the water.

3) Put your vase in the fridge.

With this tip your fresh herbs will easily keep for 10 days without turning yellow or drying out.  It will also help to keep their flavour.

Here are some other ideas for keeping your herbs fresh using a tea towel or making ice cube butter herb balls.  These three methods are excellent at getting the most out of your herbs and above all they are practical.  Choose which one suits you the best!

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