Simple tip for effectively cleaning your toilet

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Simple tip for effectively cleaning your toilet
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The toilet is a strategic place in the house as everyone spends time there during the day for varying lengths of time.  This is why these areas should be kept as clean as possible.  So that you can keep your toilet clean here is an effective method so you can forget about buying toilet duck. 

What you need:

  • 300 ml of white vinegar​
  • 60 ml of water  ​
  • A little essential oil
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1 – In a large spray bottle mix the white vinegar and water.

2 – Add two or three teaspoons of essential oil.

3 – Shake your bottle and your natural cleaning product is ready to use!

How to use the product:

1 – Once a week spray the interior walls, rim and seat of the toilet.

2 – Leave to react for about 15 minutes.

3 – Then brush the inside of your toilet with the toilet brush and wipe the seat and rim of the basin with a sponge.

4 – All you need to do now is flush the toilet.

There you have it!  Your toilet is clean and smells great!

Adding bleach: Is this a good or bad idea?

Once you have white vinegar in your toilet you might think that a little bleach could help clean it a bit more.  This is a mistake!  More than anything else you could intoxicate yourself. Bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which means it is a chlorine dissolved in a potash solution. However, if this chemical comes into contact with acid or ammonia, a very toxic gas forms which can irritate the respiratory tract and eyes. Acid and ammonia are found in many commercial household products, including white vinegar (acid). So you should never add bleach in addition to vinegar when you are cleaning.


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