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Simple technique for repairing dented wood

Simple technique for repairing dented wood
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Even if it is very solid, wooden furniture is not immune to being damaged, and the little knocks we accidentally give it are a great source of regret. And if certain problems like streaks or scratches can be easily solved (as we explained in this article), there are other types of deeper damage that may have us believe the piece of furniture has had its day. This may be the case with a clearly visible dent, which can happen when we drop something heavy on the wood. However, there is even a solution for that! Here is how to make a dent disappear. 

What you need:

  • An iron
  • Some water
  • Kitchen paper (or a wipe, a cloth, an old t-shirt, etc.)

What to do:

1) Pour a little water on the area for repair. There must be enough to cover the dent.

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2) Cover it with the cloth or kitchen paper. If the water comes through it, don’t worry.

3) Run the iron over it, keeping it at maximum heat. Make circular movements and then alternate between forwards and backwards. Keep ironing until the cloth or kitchen paper is dry. This should happen quite quickly.

4) Repeat several times, adding water as necessary. The wood fibres will gradually absorb the water and will swell up until they reach their original state.

5) You can perfect the job by rubbing some sandpaper over the wood, if the edges of the dent are still visible.


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