A simple technique for rapid relief from a cough

A simple technique for rapid relief from a cough
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Have you ever had such a bad cough that it becomes impossible to sleep? In fact, when we get very sick or when we have an uncontrollable fit of coughing, it can feel like getting rid of it is mission impossible! And given how cold the weather is, people are getting sick everywhere, and it seems inevitable that you will catch it. However, there is a simple technique for easing a cough that only takes around 5 minutes. Here is how to do it!

What you need:

  • Vicks Vaporub (or if you don’t have any, tiger balm that you buy in the chemist)


1) Apply a layer of this ointment to the soles of your feet.

2) Cover your feet with thick cotton socks. And there you go!

In just a few minutes, the cough will have eased. It’s a perfect technique for helping you get a good night’s sleep. For children under 6, replace the Vicks with fresh onion. It sounds odd, but it works!

Find 10 ingenious uses for Vicks Vaporub on our site. You’ll be amazed at everything it can do, as well as helping ease a cough as we saw today.