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Simple solution to make sure a sucker stays put and doesn’t fall down!

Credit: Flickr/Jenn Durfey
Simple solution to make sure a sucker stays put and doesn’t fall down!
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When you think about it plastic suckers are a simple concept that are extremely practical and can allow you to intelligently use the space on your walls without having to drill a hole!  These little suckers can be found everywhere from your bathroom cupboard to under the kitchen sink.  However sometimes these practical plastic sucking pads don’t stick as well as they should and you can find your stuff lying in an untidy pile on the floor.  The trick that often comes into play is to lick the back of the sucker so it will hold.  (Although this technique is certainly not the most glamorous).  However we have a better and more effective technique that doesn’t involve your saliva! 

What you need:

  • Salt


1) Pour some water into a bowl.

2) Next add a tablespoon of salt to the water and make sure it has been mixed in well so it can dissolve.

3) Plunge your suckers into the salted water and the stick the to the desired place straight away.

That is all there is too it!  Your suckers will be firmly stuck and will hold for much longer!  The technique can work the same whether it is on tiling, window panes on your windshield.


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