Simple method to remove candle wax stains

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Simple method to remove candle wax stains
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Candles can make a room look cosy, homely and welcoming which is why they are a great decoration for your interiors.  Often they have delicious aromas that filter into your rooms giving your house a pleasant, fresh smell.  However if you are a bit clumsy it is easy to knock wax onto a carpet, clothing or table.  Scratching away the wax is not always enough to remove the stain completely especially if it has spoiled your lovely rug or special tablecloth.  What should you do?  Well don’t worry, you have come to the right place!  Read on and we can let you in on one of the the best techniques! 

What you need:

  • Absorbent paper
  • A hot iron
  • Terre de Sommières (A fine clay powder that is both stain removing and absorbent.)


1) Start by trying to remove most of the stain by scratching away the dried wax.

2)  Place the absorbent paper on the stain and then place the hot iron onto top to melt the wax.

3) Repeat this process several times on the parts of the absorbent paper that have not been soaked into.

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4) Sprinkle some Terre de Sommières onto the stain and then leave overnight to react.

5) The following day you can brush the leftovers and then vacuum the remaining residue.  If need you can then put your clothes or tablecloth into the washing machine.


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