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Simple method to clean the oven door with one wipe

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Simple method to clean the oven door with one wipe
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Cleaning the oven is never easy!  It involves cleaning the trays that go with it, the grill and the oven itself.  However you shouldn’t forget about the oven door…. It can quickly become encrusted in fatty oil and burnt foods so it also deserves to be polished. It is the first thing you see of your oven so it can easily become neglected and dirty.  If you are struggling to see through the door of your oven then it can become difficult for your to judge if your pizza is burning or your cake is becoming a bit too brown.  Luckily an Australian mum has found a wonder technique for cleaning the oven door without having to scrub too much.   There is no point in using lots of products or lots of effort!  Read on and we will explain more about this simple method to clean the oven door with one wipe. 

What you need:

  • Dish washer tablet


1) First of all you need to find a dishwasher tablet and prepare a bowl of warm water..

2) Dip the tablet into in to the water to soak it and then you can use it like a sponge.  So that you ca clean your oven door you can gently scrub the surface of your oven door with this dishwasher tablet.

3) If required you can soak the tablet again so that the active qualities can react better on the greasy materials so that they can dissolve.  You will see a drastic difference in the cleanliness of your oven door.

4) To finish up you can rinse your door with a clean sponge and then dry it with a cloth.

Ok you might have cleaned your oven door but what open the interior of your oven.  We have written another article with step by step guide on how to clean your oven.

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Other possibilities that are inspired by this door cleaning tip

You can easily use this method if you have a burnt dish or pan.  All you need to do is to soak the tablet in the hot water which you have poured over your pan you want to clean.  You can then leave your pan for a couple of hours or even all night.  You can also put oven grill in a bath of hot water.  You can then wrap up the tablet in aluminum and then soak everything together for at least 2 hours.  Lastly remember to rinse the dish so as to avoid any residue of the product staying on your dishes.


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