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Simple knack to repair a phone charger cable

Credit: Video screenshot Simple Life Hacks YouTube Channel
Simple knack to repair a phone charger cable
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Phone users will surely agree on three common points when it comes to charger cables: we never have one when we need one, when your battery is flat you can never find one and they are incredibly fragile! It might be difficult to change a scatterbrain into an organized person who no longer loses their charger, however we can help you out when it comes to broken cables.  We have all come up against this problem, that’s why granny is here to help!  She is tech savvy and knows the perfect tip to help you repair a phone charger cable.

What you need: 

  • Pen spring
  • Glue gun


1) Place your spring around the cable and position it around the exposed area of your cable.

Credits : MichaelA29/Instructables

2) Keep everything in place with the help of hot glue.  This will stick the spring to the cable.  Leave the glue to dry.

Credits : MichaelA29/Instructables

3) Test you repair job by plugging in your cable.  Make sure that your phone is charging well.  If it is then you will be happy with your repair job and can continue using your charger without having to buy a new one!

Credits : MichaelA29/Instructables

Good to know:

You can also put a spring around a new cable to prevent it from becoming damaged and breaking in the future.


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