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Silky soft heels using a homemade lemon recipe

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Silky soft heels using a homemade lemon recipe
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Are you someone who forgets to look after their feet during the colder months?  Instead you might like to use a big pair of thick socks to hide them… Well if you don’t look after your feel they won’t thank you for it and can end up getting hardened, cracked and dry!  You should in theory, protect your feet all year round especially your heels which can dry out and harden quickly.  Here is a homemade lemon recipe that can leave your feet feeling silky soft and less cracked! 

What you need :

  • Rather large lemon, not too firm
  • Socks
  • A vegetable oil (coconut, argan…) or a very nourishing cream


1) Cut the lemon into two and then squeeze the two halves of the lemon leaving as little pulp to carry out the rest of the tip.  You can keep some of the juice squeezed for other uses.

2) Place one half of the lemon on each heel.  Keep the lemon halves in place using a pair of socks.

3) Leave the lemon halves for around 30 minutes.  The best thing to do is to not move at all and use this time to relax completely.

4) After the 30 minutes is up, remove the lemon halves.  Your feet will be softer and less hard thanks to the acid in the lemon. What is more your feet will smell nicely of lemon! .

5) Finish you foot care process by applying a nourishing cream or oil onto your feet.  It is best to do this at night and wear a pair of socks to bed to let the oil sock into your skin.


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