Shea butter: 10 indispensable ways to use it

Shea butter: 10 indispensable ways to use it
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If shea butter isn’t already an indispensable part of your cosmetics cupboard, that is all about to change! This product comes from the fruit of an African tree which is transformed into a type of butter. It is extremely popular, as it is reparatory and hydrating (making the skin soft and supple) and a goldmine of vitamins (A, D, E and F) and latex. When it isn’t busy getting to work in numerous cosmetics for skin and hair care, it can be found in the form of the pure paste that we know so well, that needs to be worked with care in your hands to make it oily. If its numerous qualities pique your interest, don’t hesitate to purchase it in an organic health store, or on the internet. But have a look first at this list, to learn about 10 great ways you can use it!  

1) In the bath

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If you have dry to very dry skin, add a little shea butter to your bath water. This will leave a fine nourishing layer on your body, that your skin is sure to appreciate! Once you get out of the water, your skin will feel comfortable, soft and nourished.

2) As a massage

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If you have muscle pains in your arms and legs after overdoing it a little in the gym, don’t hesitate to reach for the cocoa butter to give yourself a relaxing massage!

3) After hair removal

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Shea butter can’t help but nourish the skin. It can also relieve it, particularly after hair removal, thanks to its relaxing and soothing properties.

4) Prevent stretch marks

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Stretch marks are often a major concern in the case of pregnancy or dieting. To prevent them from appearing, use some shea butter as a preventative measure on the areas in which they tend to appear.

Unfortunately, shea butter doesn’t strictly speaking have magic properties, and it will not remove stretch marks that have already appeared. A shame!

5) Hand and nail care

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If you are prone to quicks in your nails, of if your hands feel extremely dry and uncomfortable (in the winter or due to doing a job that puts them to the test), shea butter can provide relief and softness.

6) Hair repair

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It will come as no surprise to you that shea butter can condition your hair beautifully. Apply it and leave it on for a few hours, or even overnight, and shampoo it out afterwards, to add life to dull hair. The keratin in your hair will drink it up! In order to get the right amount of product, you can gently wipe any excess product off your hair before going to bed or leaving it to work. Two shampoos may be necessary to wash it out, with your usual shampoo or some Aleppo soap.

If your hair isn’t very dry, add only a small amount of the product and leave it to work for around thirty minutes.

7) An all-season ally

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Always keep a jar of shea butter to hand! It treats dry and dehydrated skin in Summer, and can help soothe sunburn. Not to mention treating the straw like quality your hair takes on due to sun and sea water! In Winter, it can work miracles on skin that has been dried out by the harsh elements.

8) Facial skin care

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There is nothing stopping you from applying it to your face. It is great for hydrating and protecting the skin, and will also improve skin elasticity.

9) For your lips…. but not only that!

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You can apply a dab of shea butter to lips that have been dried out by the cold or that are naturally very chapped. If you have a cold or allergies and are continually blowing your nose, apply a little shea butter to soothe any irritated skin.

10) An aftershave balm for men

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Apply a little shea butter to the face, which will be much soothed. Use a damp cloth to remove any oily residue.

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