Scouring cream to try out at home ASAP

Scouring cream to try out at home ASAP
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With this preparation, you’ll say goodbye to Cif cream for ever more! Today’s product is indispensable thanks to its abrasive action which allows you to clean all types of surfaces all throughout the house. The most important ingredient is white clay, thanks to its abrasive, absorbent, deodorant and purifying properties. We often use it for aesthetic purposes, without ever realising that it has other uses! It can absorb up to 80% of its own weight in water or oil: a real advantage when it comes to cleaning. Here is how to make this cleaning product. 

What you need:

  • Two measures of white clay or one measure of white clay and one measure of whiting chalk (also called blanc de Meudon)
  • One measure of bicarbonate of soda
  • One measure of washing up liquid (or Marseille soap)
  • Four measures of water
  • Optional: a few drops of essential oils for their particular benefits and to add fragrance


1) Mix the ingredients following the above ratios. To trial the ratios, you can start by using a tablespoon to calculate the dosage, and then move on to more generous measures when you are happy with the mixture. (And you will be, we have no doubt about it!)

2) Use the mixture as you would any other scouring cream, with a sponge or a cloth.

Credits: Ecosymaison

Your kitchen and bathroom will never have known cleanliness like it!

A few bonus tips for using white clay:

  • Sprinkle this powder on a stain on an item of clothing and allow it to work for a few hours before washing it. It is an excellent stain remover.
  • Has candle wax spilled everywhere? To remove the traces, heat the wax up with a hairdryer to melt it, and sprinkle it with clay. Hoover it all up with your vacuum cleaner.

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