Say goodbye to hard water stains in the toilet with this trick

Say goodbye to hard water stains in the toilet with this trick
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The brown stains that are created around the toilet are due to hard water and minerals (although the color may suggest something else). It is tiring to rub these stains to get rid of them because a brush for the toilet does not necessarily reach all areas and it is not easy to remove them in this way. Here is a method that has proven itself and which gives the toilet an incomparable cleanliness (and this makes it possible to remove the odors).

What you will need:

  • White vinegar for cleaning
  • Toilet paper
  • Loo brush


1) Remove as much water as possible from the toilet bowl.


2) Replace this water by vinegar by letting a good quantity flow (it is necessary to cover the stains on the bottom of the toilets). You can heat the vinegar in advance to boost its effectiveness.


3) Soak some toilet paper in vinegar and arrange it around the toilet rim. Leave over night.

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4) Scrape the bottom of the toilet to remove any minerals that are stuck. .


5) Remove the paper and throw it away.


6)Rub the areas where the paper was. All residues will go away without too much rubbing. All that remains is to flush the toilet.


The Result:


Step by Step video: