Russian remedy for treating sore throats (and it’s not vodka…sorry!)

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Russian remedy for treating sore throats (and it’s not vodka…sorry!)
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This remedy is excellent for throat infections or sore throats in general. It doesn’t require many ingredients, which is handy. However, despite the simplicity of the recipe, it is extremely effective for providing rapid relief from your symptoms. 

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  • 300 g of red beetroot
  • 1 teaspoon of 9% alcohol vinegar
  • An airtight bottle
  • A gauze


1) Start by carefully grating the beetroot.

2) Add the vinegar to the mixture.

3) Stir it and leave it to stand for around twenty minutes.

4) Put the mixture in a gauze and wring it out to obtain a juice.

5) Collect the juice in the bottle.

How to use this remedy:

Gargle with this mixture every two or three hours. You can swallow it if you like, for the remedy to take even better effect.

We recommend that you avoid consuming dairy products or creamy drinks while your throat is sore. Hydrate with water or tea instead, and don’t limit yourself in terms of quantity.