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Rosacea: 5 natural ingredients to soothe and ease redness

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Rosacea: 5 natural ingredients to soothe and ease redness
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Although 15 % of the country is effected by rosacea, the majority of those who suffer from this skin condition tend to be white women.  People with rosacea suffer from redness in some areas of their face that don’t always disappear once it has appeared.  The blood vessels become less elastic which means the red appearance becomes permanent. However skin affected by rosacea can’t put up with aggravating factors like eating certain types of foods or certain face cares.  As the skin is extremely fine, fragile, reactive and sensitive you need to be careful what you apply onto the skin. Here are some natural ingredients that will do wonders for people with rosacea.    

Be careful: Unfortunately if the redness is permanent there is nothing that can make the redness disappear.  However you should see these remedies more as preventative methods or ideas which will soothe and ease redness without getting rid of it completely.

1) Using clay you can clean without aggravating the skin

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Rosacea skin is really sensitive as we explained earlier.  Therefore the last thing you want to do is to use an abrasive cleaning product! If you don’t know what to use you can simply try out white or pink clay.  As it is not perfumed and includes no sulfates, it can give your fcae a soft cleanse.  By using this method you can effectively get rid of the impurities in your skin without reddening your skin even more.  All you need to do is mix the clay with a little water so that you can make a paste.  However instead of using the clay like a mask that you leave to sit on your skin as you would usually do you can massage the mixture onto your damp skin and then rinse without waiting.

2)  Hydrolats to compliment your cleansing regime

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They are very useful for toning the skin while also gently cleansing it.  It allows you to cleanse your face without worsening the rosacea. On the contrary, hydrolat can help to remove limestone traces on your skin when you clean it and can help soothe your skin.  You can use hydrolats made of cistus, German chamomile, witch hazel and Italian (or immortal) helichrysum.

3)  Safflower oil

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This little wonder is excellent for your skin and helps to reduce the appearance of redness and varicose veins.  As well as being suitable for all skin types, it is great for your blood vessels as it has vasoconstricting powers.  This oil can also help to soothe prickling or hot sensations. You can apply this oil in the morning and/or night before you apply your cream.  Heat up a little oil between your fingers and then apply it onto the affected areas.

4) Hemp oil, classic remedy for rosacea

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If you want to hydrate, unclog and repair your skin, you should quickly get a hold of this oil which is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants!  The oil will not only reduce redness but also deeply regenerate and repair the skin.  What is more is it doesn’t move your pores meaning it can easily replace your moisturising cream.  All you need to think about is as it is fragile you should keep it in the fridge. You can also make powerful serums made of hemp oil mixed with essential oils.  Here are two wonderful examples:

  • Pour 6 to 7 drops of immortelle or feverfew essential oil in a 15 ml tinted glass vial. Then fill the bottle with your hemp oil. All you need to do is apply 3 drops of your preparation onto the redness morning and evening.
  • Alternatively, in a 50 ml tinted glass vial, pour 30 drops of immortelle essential oil, 15 drops of ladaniferous rockrose essential oil, 15 drops of pistachio lentisque essential oil and 10 drops of chamomile essential oil. Dilute this mixture of essential oils into 10 ml of calophyll vegetable oil and top up with hemp oil. Apply 3 to 4 drops morning and night before applying your moisturising cream. Remember to focus only on red areas, and not elsewhere…This is very important!

5) Ideal essential oils for skin affected by rosacea

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There are lots of soothing essential oils on the market or at least for those who use essential oils.  However, nothing comes close to italian helichrysum essential oil (immortelle) when it comes to soothing essential oils.  This oil is the best for sufferers on rosacea, in particular due to its beneficial properties for blood circulation.  We recommend that you apply it one or two times per day if you want to see a difference.  In order to do this you should dilute a drop of essential oil in 4 drops of your vegetable oil of choice.  Of course, hemp oil or safflower oil would the best oils to choose in this instance.

A few pieces of advice:

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To complement you skin care regimes you should also avoid anything that could aggravate your skin or encourage redness from appearing!

  • The simplest piece of advice to start with is to get rid of any products that contain irritant ingredients like, alcohol; sulfates and perfumes as an example!
  • You should avoid over exposure to sun and protect yourself with the appropriate level of sun screen, a sun hat and sun glasses.
  • You should also be aware that hot temperatures dilate your blood vessels.  Therefore you should avoid taking showers or baths that are too hot, saunas or stream rooms.  You can combat hot flushes linked with menopause which can be an another aggravating factor with effective natural treatments.
  • The same thing can be said about extremely cold temperatures or fluctuating temperatures.  If you are going out in biting cold temperatures your should use a thick cream or shea butter.
  • Unfortunately  people who suffer from rosacea are often seen as alcoholics out of ignorance or cruelness of others.  However tobacco, hot or spicy dishes or drinks and coffee can also have harmful effects on rosacea.  You should therefore try and reduce your consumption of these products.
  • Lastly, you should be aware that stress and vasodilator medication such as cortisone cream can worsen the symptoms. 


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